Disaster Nursing Development of a Center of Excellence for Disaster Nursing in a Ubiquitous Society Information Base for Disaster Nursing Knowledge and Skills to Protect Lives
- So as not to forget that fateful day -
University of Hyogo, Graduate School of Nursing
The 21st Century Center of Excellence Program
Outline of The 21st Century COE Program

*Message from Vice President
*Message from Principal Investigator
*Purpose of the Project
*Prospects for Developing the Center of Excellence Program
*Significance to the Academia and Society
*Achievement of the Research Project
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Significance to the Academia and Society

The nursing community is trying to establish nursing in disaster situations as an area of nursing discipline on a global basis. This plan is a pioneering one in that sense, and research results will contribute toward establishing nursing practice in disaster situations in Asia and the rest of the world. In addition, newly obtained knowledge will surely be reflected in educational programs, and will thus facilitate the education of researchers and specialists in this area.

In social terms, the project will provide a model that communities and individuals can look to in developing their resilience, and thus contribute to more highly disaster-resistant community building. It also serves as a positive role model in terms of desirable social qualities and lifestyles for the 21st century, as symbolized by residents taking responsibility for their own communities. Factors that are key to human resilience as well as those important in the recovery processes will be identified. It is expected that the results of this research will benefit not only Japan but will help other countries throughout the world. Establishing two-way communication will also enable people to access knowledge easily. This will eventually increase the ability of all members of the public to deal with disasters and contribute to better health before, during and after disasters

Disaster Phase
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Disaster phase
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Ai’s and Rabi’s “Disaster Nursing TV”
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Nursing Traning via Streaming Videos
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