Disaster Nursing Development of a Center of Excellence for Disaster Nursing in a Ubiquitous Society Information Base for Disaster Nursing Knowledge and Skills to Protect Lives
- So as not to forget that fateful day -
University of Hyogo, Graduate School of Nursing
The 21st Century Center of Excellence Program
Outline of The 21st Century COE Program
*Message from Vice President
*Message from Principal Investigator
*Purpose of the Project
*Prospects for Developing the Center of Excellence Program
*Significance to the Academia and Society
*Achievement of the Research Project
*Research Sections

Prospects for Developing the Center of Excellence Program
In 5 years time, we hope to have the following in place:
1. The development of a 24-h information liaison system will enable access to much needed information (e.g. preparing for disasters and providing medical care after disasters).
2. Nursing care strategies including support personnel will help people prepare for disasters as well as regenerate their own health and lives after disasters. The centre will contribute toward fostering the self-care abilities of communities and individuals as a way of mitigating the effects of disasters.
3. Established support networks will facilitate the sharing and exchange of information among people and nurses in Japan as well as researchers and educators throughout Asia. The center will also serve as a system able to provide immediate and appropriate nursing care in any disaster.
4. Through its relationship with the World Health Organization (WHO), and as its regional collaborating center , this center of excellence program will conduct research and provide education from a global perspective to support people in their recovery from disaster situations.
5. It will also establish an International Disaster Nursing Society that will be a central network in the region.
6. Nurse specialized in disaster nursing will be trained for disaster situations at the Master's course level, and researchers also specializing in this field will be educated through a Doctoral program.
Disaster Phase
Target care reciver Useful manuals
Disaster phase
Disaster Preparedness Check
Ai’s and Rabi’s “Disaster Nursing TV”
Core Competencies Required for Disaster Nursing
Nursing Traning via Streaming Videos
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Nursing Traning via Streaming Videos
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